Jocelyn Matthews

Jocelyn 6

Hi! My name is Jocelyn Matthews and I’m a witch. Wow that sounded like an introduction to some support group meeting, didn’t it? Whatever, it’s the truth. Not that everyone knows. I mean I keep a pretty low profile. It’s fairly easy to do living in a big city like Seattle. I’ve lived here for the past eleven years, and it is the most settled I have been my entire life.  For the first seventeen years, I moved around a lot.

Right now you’re thinking, “Sure, she moved a lot. How much house hopping could she really have done?”

Well, let me tell you that most times I didn’t bother to unpack. I have moved every four to six months from the time I was ten until I turned eighteen. That works out to roughly twenty-one times in eight years. I haven’t kept an exact count.

Maybe I should start from the beginning…or is it the middle? My mom died when I was seven, leaving me in the care of a disinterested stepfather. Mom had planned for the unimaginable well in advance, and there was a small trust fund set up for me should anything ever happen to her. Of course once stepfather-of-the-year found out he wasn’t in control of it, and wouldn’t be seeing a dime, he dropped me off with family services and walked away without a backwards look. So at the tender age of seven, I was in the foster system.

At first it wasn’t so bad. The first family I was placed with was nice, if a little…religious. They dragged me to church every Sunday, shoving me into confessional, and signed me up for catechism. I tried to tell them that I wasn’t raised that way, but it only made them more determined.  Not surprisingly, I found I could be quite stubborn, a previously undiscovered character trait. I was deemed a ‘bad fit’ and recycled back into the system. This happened a few more times over the next few years. It seems for some people taking in foster children is “the christian thing to do.”

When I was ten I was placed with a family that I think could have been a forever home for me. They were nice, open-minded, and not into forcibly converting me to any particular religion. There were family dinners and days at the park; the American dream of the white picket fence with two point two children and a dog in the yard. It was great…until that night.

I don’t like to think about that night too much. It was the night I learned that there was evil in the world, and contrary to popular belief…it wasn’t me.

My name is Jocelyn Matthews and if I live long enough, I’ll tell you my story.

2 thoughts on “Jocelyn Matthews

  1. melissajanda says:

    Okay, I’m hooked. When will your book be released? 🙂

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