Lets be Realistic

Realistic and Paranormal fiction are two words that you wouldn’t think would go together. And you may be right. I have already blogged about the wonderful burden that is research, and I will forever be a nit picky writer who is a stickler for the facts. But when I am talking about something being ‘realistic’ I am not necessarily talking about hard scientific facts.

Wait…maybe I am.

Back up the bus to the reason I am writing this rant in the first place.

I recently visited Tempting Reads. One of the book review blogs I follow hoping to find a new piece of fiction that would, not necessarily blow my mind, but at least entertain me for a few hours. Diana blogs regularly, reviewing novels from a variety of sources. But the reason I follow this particular blog is for her absolutely honest reviews of the books she’s given.

This particular day she talked about the plot line of the contemporary romance novel she was given and the points she liked about it as expected. Diana always tries to find the good in the books she reviews. But as usual she was also upfront about the points she wasn’t so fond of. The one point that struck me was the unrealistic nature of the injuries and the healing time of the heroine in her most recent post. According to the book review, (keeping in mind I haven’t actually read the book) the main character had an attempt made on her life that left her comatose in the hospital, only to be released and two days later is in bed doing the horizontal mambo with her love interest. Apparently she had been shot and beaten, very nearly ending her life.

Now I am no medical expert, but as a reader this would completely turn me off. I am all for creative license and the power of the pen, but for the love of Shakespeare people! If you are writing a contemporary work of fiction can we please stick to a realistic time frame for a human to heal? Even in fantasy or paranormal realms this kind of speed healing has to be explained. Vampires heal instantly, werewolves and shifters have accelerated healing, potions speed healing or extend life etc. etc. My point is, everything has an explanation.

The devil is in the details and I would hope that if I ever made an error in judgment this glaring, my editor and friend would bash me over the head with a copy of War and Peace.

Call it a quirk or a character flaw but as a reader, I like to have an explanation for something so unbelievable.

One thought on “Lets be Realistic

  1. Chuck says:

    Agree whole heartedly. You can ask a reader to suspend disbelief on some pretty far fetched ideas if you explain it enough to make it believable in the world you have brought them into, but if you just go off doing fantastic things without the barest explanation of “oh yeah its because there happens to be magic.” (which is by no means a good explanation) you are going to lose 90% of intelligent readers. Anyway, good post


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