It Takes a Village to Write a Book

Does it ever! I quickly found out that although my manuscript made me happy, a fresh reader was left with tons of questions. As I get closer and closer to my release date, my team of readers, editors, proofreaders and cover artists is expanding.

Currently I have an Editor, a Cover Artist, a proofreader, someone to do the formatting, and a beta reader. So far…

The biggest thing I have learned while developing my writing is that you CANNOT edit your own work. Your brain seems to read it the way it is supposed to be, not the way it actually is. Plot holes, incomplete ideas, and weak characters all stand out to an unbiased reader because they don’t live in the authors head.

My editor loves to leave me notes, “What does this look like?”

The first time I read it I thought, “It’s obvious isn’t it?”

Going back and rereading, I realized I hadn’t added a description at all because I already saw it in my mind. To me it was obvious. Sigh…

Tricia Drammeh wrote  a great post on this very subject inspiring my own.

It Takes a Village to Write a Book.

As a writer I want to put out my very best effort, something I can be proud of. Writing may not be a team sport but getting a quality book published definitely is. My team has my respect and unparalleled thanks.

I’m Not Worthy!

One thought on “It Takes a Village to Write a Book

  1. melissajanda says:

    I was thinking of doing a post on editing too because it seems no matter how many times you review it, you WILL miss something. I’m sure your book will be awesome! I am anxiously awaiting the release!

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