The Countdown is On!

I have just hit send on the email that sent out the Advance Reading Copies of Andromeda Rising to Jena who will then disburse it to the various blogs who have signed on to review my book.  I am a huge bundle of conflicting nerves right now. Excited, nervous, terrified, happy, proud, terrified, scared, terrified…yes I know I used that one more than once.

I can’t seem to help it. After three years of research, thinking, imagining, badly drawn sketches, countless gallons of coffee, two laptops, a dozen trips to the book store for more research materials, brainstorming – and then the editing process which was a whole other kettle of fish, (why would someone keep fish in a kettle? – Nevermind.) complete strangers ARE GOING TO READ MY BOOK!

When I sent my first draft off to Max I was elated. I was finished! Yeah…right. I soon found out that the work begins with editing.

Finally you have someone reading it who has fresh eyes.

All your flaws are exposed.

While I will forever be unworthy of the brilliance of Max, there were times I wanted to reach through the phone and either whack her with a  copy of the Urban Dictionary or hand her a handle of vodka and tell her to chill out. I know which one she would chose.

When you are editing there are a million and one things you never thought of brought into the light and under a microscope. Of course there are all different kinds of editing jobs and every editor has their own style. I could have asked her for a line edit and simply have her correct the punctuation and grammar. I could have then published the significantly shorter book and probably been happy with it. But it wouldn’t be half the book it is now.

Max was patient enough to do a developmental edit with me. This process means that the character and plot line are dissected. Questions are asked about the possible direction of future books, character backgrounds and general descriptions. Every single one of these questions helped me expand and flesh out certain sections or just led to a brain storm that left me with too many ideas to possibly write down before I forgot them. A good editor will be your biggest resource in bringing out your best. Some people may complain that a professional editing job (especially a developmental edit) is too expensive. Maybe it is. But I for one count it as the most invaluable tool I had in writing something I am truly proud of.

That being said, I’m REALLY glad the editing process is over. For now at least.

Stick around. At the beginning of next week I will be announcing the release date for Andromeda Rising.



3 thoughts on “The Countdown is On!


  2. Congrats! That is exciting. I hope your advanced reads go well and can’t wait to see the book 🙂

  3. Congratulations!!!

    Can’t wait for your Talk Supe blog stop!

    Happy Weekend!

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