Moving Right Along!

Strategy for world domination

Today I’m stopping by Books for Company, a UK blog which I am ecstatic about because one of my very good friends lives there and she is a huge supporter of mine. She threatened me with bodily harm if my book wasn’t available in the UK. Fear not Bertie! Books for Company has agreed to showcase Andromeda Rising and Amazon distributes to England. I’m looking forward to hearing from readers across the pond.

My cat Dave (yes my cat’s name is Dave – he eats the toes of people who think it’s weird) was excited to hear we would be hosted by What the Cat Read. Some fun facts will be dished out over here so make sure you stop by and take a look at this really fun (but dignified – they are cats after all) book reviewing blog.

Don’t forget that each blog is an opportunity to enter to win one of three signed copies of Andromeda Rising! Don’t miss out, visit the daily blogs and enter!

6 thoughts on “Moving Right Along!

  1. Nice to see it’s not just Humans and Apes that read 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

  3. itsthelitchick says:

    I absolutely adore that picture. So funny

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