Magic Systems Countdown: #5 by Kira Lyn Blue

As usual Kira Lyn Blue has nailed it with her latest post.


Anyone who knows me, knows I am a MASSIVE J.K. Rowling fan. Yes, I fully admit I would very likely fangirl squeal if I ever met her and all my brilliant words and regular witty conversational abilities would fly right out the window. I would be left looking like a past their prime Beiber fan.

Dignity would be a sad distant memory, alarms would sound and restraining orders would be issued. One of the many reasons I have not made it to England yet. If I don’t go there, I can’t stalk her.

For anyone who is attempting to write any kind of fantasy novel, following in behind her is like trying to sing after Sinatra. She came up with and used every amazing idea. Nothing was left for the rest of us. Every time you think “Hey, I could…!” you stop and realize, “Wait, Rowling already did it.”

Kira Lyn has started a new series of posts on her blog and this one is devoted to my favorite Author J.K. Rowling and her brilliant world. Take a look and leave a comment. Kira reads every one of them and deserves all the praise we can heap on her.

Favorite Magic Systems Countdown: #5.

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