Meet the Author

n755756046_2712377_3929689What is there to say?

Mom always said I was creative. (I know, she has to say that) I have been a rabid book junkie since…well birth. True story. I blame grandpa. He owned a bookstore which is like winning a literary lover’s lottery! My earliest memories are of paging through a book as mom drove me to grandma’s house to be babysat while mom was at work. It was a forty-five minute commute at best so a change of clothes was generally required because I refused to put the book down even though it made me car-sick to read.  Yeah I was addicted. Again, I blame grandpa.

All my life I could be found with a book in my hand. Now with the invention of the e-reader I can take an entire library with me.

Eventually my income fell short of my desire for new reading material and I turned to writing.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy going on my adventures with me.

One thought on “Meet the Author

  1. andzia61 says:

    counting minutes to release, so exited

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