More Reviews!! Get your Copy While it’s on Sale!

More reviews have come in!! People are getting their paperbacks in the mail and downloading to their e-readers. Have you got yours yet?

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I Need to Unwind

So a few people have been asking me lately, “What are you reading right now?”

Presuming of course they are not referring to the endless boring and sleep inducing research books I have stacked up, I have set up a new page so people can take a look at what relaxes me. I have my guilty pleasures, but in true spirit of solidarity I am solely reading independent authors lately.

There are literally thousands to choose from and every one of them are extremely reasonably priced so I can fill my Kindle to my heart’s content.

These are only two of the authors I have read recently. I will post more when I can but these ones each captured my attention for various reasons. There is something for every mood on this list and it is by no means complete as they are continuously writing and releasing new titles.