The Unseen Around Us

There are those people who walk through life with the philosophy that ‘Seeing is Believing’.  I tend to find those people boring. Roald Dahl said it best:

“Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

For those of you who are wondering, Roald Dahl was the genius behind such beloved classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach and The Witches. All of which have been turned into movies. In Charlie’s case, more than once. (The talents of Johnny Depp are endless). One of my favorites was The BFG.

But back to my point. If you wait for magic to be proven, you’re missing the whole point. Magic is the unexplained. Magic is never having to ask how or why but simply accepting that it is. The same can be said of religion and God, but we aren’t here to debate that. (not touching that one with a 100 foot pole!)

Fairy houseLife is so much more fun if you let the child in you out to play and accept that the improbable may be all around you. When you hear a rustling in the bush, don’t let your rational adult no nonsense side tell you it’s a squirrel or just the wind. Perhaps it’s a white rabbit with time management issues, or a territorial fairy warning you away. Maybe it’s a directionally challenged leprechaun waiting on a rainbow. Next time a child points out the impossible don’t set them straight with logical and scientific facts, play along. You may just find a little fun in a world that is sometimes far too serious.

If you’re one of the ones that think I’m crazy and the only good book is non-fiction or biographical – keep on with your boring Vulcan lives. I’ll be over here, knocking to see if any fairies are home.


Excerpt from Andromeda Rising – The Troll Market:

When I looked around I was stunned by what I saw. The ceiling was at least thirty feet high and was as wide as the two-lane human street somewhere above us. In some spots, glass blocks acted as skylights to the world above and would allow natural sunlight in during the day. “Can’t the humans see though the blocks?” I asked.

“They work like a one way mirror. From above they look like pavement, but from below they’re transparent blocks. The humans have no idea this place exists,” he explained in a low voice.

Red brick-walled shops with ornate arched doorways lined the cobblestone street, but it wasn’t like any street I had ever been on before. Trees were growing in two even rows down either side and had flowers that glowed brightly, which cast enough light it was like the street lights on the human streets above. How they grew in the subterranean environment was surely magick. There were no cars, only the occasional rickshaw that seemed to move around on its own; the whole place was a hive of activity.

A low hum of noise rose around me from the multitude of beings walking the street. The Market was as busy as any human mall. Fairies flitted about from tree to tree, going in and out of what looked like large bird houses. I realized that the fairies had a market of their own in the tree tops. Colorful birds perched in the trees; short, stocky men that looked like Dwarves wandered by, crossing paths with a Centaur; and a couple of little men that looked just like the gnome in Mrs. Jamison’s garden bickered while eating some kind of black bread.

There were others that looked human except for the beaks they had in place of their nose and mouth. Some were cloaked and deeply hooded like me, while others were dressed in fine silks and brightly colored linens. Some beings were beautiful and graceful; others were the stuff horror movies were made of, with leathery wings and twisted forms; others still, looked completely human like me. All were welcome here and seemed to co-exist peacefully.

Fantastic Fan-made Pic!!

A reviewer and recent fan of Andromeda Rising made this for me and mixed it in the middle of a truly amazing review! I immediately fell in love with it as it completely captures a facet of Mateo’s personality!


Thank You KiraLyn!!!!! I LOVE this so much!

Kira says: 

Ramsey’s debut novel is a fun read…[Her] cosmology is much broader and incorporates all manner of supernatural and mythological beings. She incorporates just the right level of detail and world-building to leave you in a state of wonderment and wanting to learn more.

Andromeda Rising is a very entertaining debut novel and a refreshing change of pace from typical Urban Fantasy fare.

Read the full review here.