Mr. Shido

Mr. Inari Shido

Inari Shido

…According to myth, Kitsune are creatures from Japan and are quite revered for their abilities in agriculture and fertility. In reality, they’re very wise, and in the case of Mr. Shido, very benevolent. The more tails they have, the older and wiser they are. They can get up to nine tails by the time they are 1000 years old. I would guess that Inari is over five hundred years old as he has four.” 

– Mateo

When I first read about Kitsune they captured my attention. A humanoid fox-like creature with multiple tails and shape shifting abilities? Where do I sign up?

Mr. Shido is my twist on a revered cultural myth from an ancient culture.  I hope you enjoy reading about him as much as I enjoyed writing it.


His little shop on the outskirts of Seattle’s Chinatown is a mish mash of oddities and knickknacks
scattered amongst  skeletons of strange creatures, decorative jars, suits of armor and hanging herbs.

Kitsune 2


He is still a bit of a mystery and his role in Jocelyn’s life is not

clearly defined, but he has a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a caring nature.

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